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How I Found the Right Cannabis Strain for Sex LIZ KLINGER September 12, 2019   (Alexandra Bowman for Leafly)   You may have seen the news stories about how cannabis can improve sex and make you more orgasmic—or you
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Best Cannabis Strains of Summer 2019 DAVID DOWNS June 24, 2019   (lila-love, virtustudio/iStock; David Downs for Leafly) The summer of 2019 might be the best time ever to be a cannabis lover. Ten states
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Why CBD Works Better With a Little THC (Even If You Don’t Want to Get High) DAVID BIENENSTOCK February 12, 2019   (HighGradeRoots/iStock)   Way back in 2014, I wrote an article called Desperately Seeking CBD that profiled several fami
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Why Does High-THC Flower Dominate the Cannabis Market? CHRISTINE GIRAUD September 13, 2019   (rez-art/iStock) With legalization, the cannabis market is rapidly expanding and the drive seems to be, in lar
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At this time of year, when everyone tends to go overboard on fat, sugar and alcohol, it's important to take extra care of yourself. Here are a few simple rules that will allow you to take full advantage of the holiday season. Take care of your digestion
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